Bastille Day Fireworks Workshop

Each year the fireworks display at the Eiffel Tower is the cherry on top of the Bastille Day celebrations. Take control of your camera and capture stunning photos of the Eiffel Tower looking its best.

Celebrate Bastille Day with Aperture Tours and join seasoned photographers Alexander J.E. Bradley and William Lounsbury in the festive mood where we will teach you how to take control of your camera, learn photography techniques to shoot fireworks and come away with great photographs of this event that will be sure to impress.

Whether you are starting off, a hobbyist or have years of experience, our team of professional photographers will help you find the perfect settings and location to capture the fireworks display. We'll head out to a superb vantage point where we can set up our tripods and witness an unobstructed view of the event.

On this Bastille Day, known locally as Fête Nationale or simply Quatorze Juillet (14 July), experience you can expect:

  • Fireworks technique on all cameras

  • A great vantage point with an unobstructed view

  • Camera side instructions as the fireworks display is going on

  • LIMITED Tripods available for 10€ at request

This is a special small group event, capped at eight participants. We will meet on Bastille Day at a location to be determined where we will travel to our shooting location together. Once there we shall have a small picnic and get to know each other and everyone's skill level, before going over technical aspects of fireworks photography before the display begins. After shooting the display we will have a brief review of everyone's images on the trip back to Paris.

Bookings are strictly limited, so place your reservations before they run out.

Start Time – 21h00 (9pm)
Duration – about 3h round trip
Type of Tour – Small Group
Max Participants – 8
Inclusion – picnic
Cost – 110€